Thank you for coming to my website. As you know, I write books and I now have two books published, both about New Orleans only set in different times. My second book is titled Behind the Columns.

People often ask me, "How do you go about writing a book?" Well, what can I say? Stories just begin to form in my head and sooner or later they demand to be written down. My first book, A World of His Own: In the Land of the Creolés, started to take on a life of its own several years ago. For the first year I simply thought about it. I didn't write anything down, but the story became so strong that I had no choice but to put pen to paper and start writing. After I wrote the entire book by hand, I switched to a typewriter. But then someone told me I needed to get a word processor. I did. For a while I didn't really know what to do with it. By the time I finally figured it out, I was told that I needed to get a computer. I did. And I'm still trying to figure this thing out. Maybe when I grow up, I'll finally figure out all the things I'm told it can do.

Anyway, getting back to writing. I know this sounds strange, but once I start writing it down the story takes on a life of its own. For instance, with A World of His Own: In the Land of the Creolés, I never thought Gabrielle would have the terrible problem she ended up with. That wasn't at all how the story was supposed to play out, but Gabrielle was so headstrong and willful that I simply couldn't control her.

Another thing I find interesting is my characters chose their own names. And, if I don't give them the name they want, the story simply stops until they get their way. Go figure.

I've often heard it said that writing is a very lonely profession. Well, not for me. I love to write because I have a whole family on paper that I love and I can spend hours with them writing down their lives and thoughts. While doing that, I can't possibly feel lonely because I have all these wonderful characters with me.

Arlette Gaffrey passed away peacefully on
Thursday, May 9, 2013, surrounded by
her loving family. She will be
deeply missed; however, she will live
on forever by those of us
who enjoy her books.






Arlette Gaffrey

Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Model, Author